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Loving Our Neighbor

When Life and Faith Collide: 3 Practical Thoughts on the Refugee Crisis The current national and global conversation is full of debate, anger, prayer, hope, fear, and disappointment – all at the same time. While the newly signed Executive Order has garnered the most recent attention, ultimately the real issue

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The Path of a Refugee [Part 5]: Starting Over

After enduring a traumatic event, displacement, a refugee camp, and the resettlement process, a refugee family faces the reality of starting over and building a life in a completely foreign land. This step brings with it a mountain of obstacles. Thankfully there is a community of agencies who seek to

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The Path of a Refugee [Part 4]: Resettlement

Moving to a new place is a common occurrence for families in our country. On average, 15% of all Americans move each year. (source) A move is often one of the bigger experiences a family will go through together: a new place to live, new people to meet, new streets

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The Path of a Refugee [Part 3]: Refugee Camp

The third step on the path of a refugee is life in a refugee camp. A traumatic event leads to displacement, and that leads to life in a refugee camp. For many refugees, this is the first place of safety since the trauma began. In some ways, there is much

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The Path of a Refugee [Part 2]: Displacement

The path of a refugee begins with a traumatic event in his homeland, sending him and his family on a road they never imagined they would be on. Here we find the first major loss for a refugee: their home. In every country and every culture, people have the same

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The Path of a Refugee [Part 1]: Traumatic Event

The stories have different names and groups involved, but every refugee story has the same starting point: trauma. The most common form of trauma resulting in someone becoming a refugee is persecution. The persecution could be religious, ethnic, political, tribal, or war. Whatever the reason, it results in a person

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