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The mission of the 658 Center is to
provide an integrated path for holistic
life change through the love of Christ.

1 in 6 Charlotteans live below the poverty line. 139,000 live in poverty (almost twice the capacity of Bank of America Stadium). We are not okay with poverty in our city. This is how The 658 Center will change our city: One Life at a Time.


The 658 Center pulls together the incredible resources in our city with the goal of changing poverty as we know it. A person can walk into The 658 Center and be surrounded by an incredible team of ministry staff and skilled volunteers dedicated to aiding them in their journey away from poverty toward a life of financial independence, stability and spiritual health. From clothing to medical assistance, job training to food assistance — its all under one roof.


Imagine the difference that a one-stop destination makes to someone who can barely speak English and is struggling to make ends meet. At The 658 Center, they are welcomed into a safe and beautiful environment offering ministry projects and an integrated team of supporters dedicated to creating a holistic and momentum building solution that changes the trajectory of their future and their family.

If you are interested in supporting The 658 Center or would like more information we encourage you to contact us or click here to donate now. The 658 Center is also a great venue to host events.  Featuring a 7,000 square foot multipurpose room with full stage, lighting and audio visual equipment, it is the perfect place host weddings, banquets, fundraising events as well a conferences. To learn more about renting space at The 658 Center, click on the button below.