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Our Ministries

Relief, Development, Reform, Community

Our Why…….


We believe that Christ’s love compels us to change the world through serving our neighbors. We are a Christ-centered, holistic ministry providing services for at-risk families in Charlotte, moving them toward sustainability; with a key focus on the international and refugee communities.

Our How ...


Restore Hope

Pursue Excellence

Find Solutions

Create Community

Foster Service

Engage Growth

Our what …..



Meeting today’s need through practical relief programs. When an immediate basic need is not met, it is difficult for a person to consider anything else. We have several ministry projects aimed at providing relief and stability for families.

–  Feeding Project – providing 20,000 free meals each year to families

– Hope Community Clinic of East Charlotte offering free medical and mental health services

– Fulfilling furniture needs through organizational partnerships


Caring for the needs of the next generation through seeking social reform and systemic change for the future.  We believe in intentionally investing in the next generation to break the cycle of poverty.

– Childcare (including early childhood development and Pre-K curriculum) provided for children of ministry program students

– Character-based sports programs (Street Soccer 658) and a soccer court in the community for youth and adults to play


Addressing needs of the next ten years by empowering others towards self sustainability.  Project 658 believes that every human being has value. Our ministry projects are aimed at purposefully empowering others toward their Godly design and self-sustainability.

– English as a Second Language (ESL) classes

– Culinary Arts School

– Make Welcome sewing classes


Project 658 aims to create a culture of service and opportunities for the body of Christ to serve our neighbors practically with the love of Christ. We believe in serving through time, talent and treasure.

– Daily, weekly and monthly volunteer opportunities to serve through our ministry projects

– Family partnership with families in the community to provide mentoring and friendship

– Apartment community partnerships and outreaches

Our History

John 6:58 “I am the Bread of Life, whoever eats this bread shall not die but will live forever.” 


God works in funny ways,  It was 2009 that a group of 27 men traveled across the globe to Uganda to serve in a war torn area of the country.  This group had the honor to serve many displaced people from the war and work in refugee camps.  Part of the trip was helping build new structures for the developing ministry center.  The bricks that were to be used had to be made by the group.  So these 27 men worked together to make the bricks for the construction project.  That day, they set a new world record for the number of bricks made in one day …. 658.   As those men traveled back to the States they wanted to continue the work of serving communities in need.  They launched a simple initiative called project 658 to help raise funds for displaced people in Uganda.  That simple effort to sell T-Shirts to help those in need quickly grew into a work to help the hurting in our own city.   It didn’t take long until it turned into a growing ministry to provide ongoing physical, emotional and spiritual support for our neighbors in need.  In the same way God used the hands of a group to make bricks to rebuild a community, He is using the hands of so many to Restore Hope for our city. 

Does Project 658 make a difference?