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Our Mission

I am the true bread that came down from heaven. Anyone who eats this bread will not die, but will live forever. – John 6:58

Hope. It’s a word that we use often. It’s a word that is best understood by those who have lost it. To lose hope is to miss out on what Christ has called you to. We at Project 658 believe that in Christ we all can have hope restored. We seek community transformation through the powerful work of Jesus and we are committed to serving families in greatest need in our city and around the world in ways that that are practical, sustainable and burden lifting. We believe that the only way a community is transformed is by putting Jesus at the center and allowing his work to bring change. Our goal is to bring hope back to these communities that feel lost, forgotten, and in despair. The goal of Project 658 is to see hope restored.
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Does Project 658 make a difference?

As long as people in our community struggle to find simple solutions to their daily lives. As long as they need clothes to wear, food to eat, medicine to stay healthy, and skills to find work. As long as they feel lost, nameless and voiceless in a new country that is not their own. As long as they limp through the streets of our city broken by family strife, enslaved to drugs, alcohol, and sex, wondering if God has abandoned them… Project 658 will keep showing up. Shining forth God’s grace, His hope, His love and His truth.

We will place ourselves right in the middle of the chaos. Right in the middle of their world. With the hope that one day our friends will have a meaningful confrontation with the God of the universe. Because every time a Project 658 staff or volunteer shows up, two worlds collide. Light collides with darkness, joy collides with sadness, and life collides with death.

That is the privilege we have at Project 658. Knowing that people are lonely and hurting, and that like Jesus, we can learn their names, meet their needs, and become their friends. We believe in restoring hope to the hopeless. And we keep showing up in the lives of refugees in our community because we believe that Project 658 makes a difference.

Our Core Values

We believe that Christ’s love compels us to change the world through serving our neighbors.

We are a Christ-centered, holistic ministry providing services for at-risk families in Charlotte, moving them toward sustainability; with a key focus on the international and refugee communities.

Find Solutions
Foster Service
Create Connections
Pursue Excellence
Restore Hope

Relief: Meeting today’s needs through practical relief programs.
Development: Addressing needs of the next ten years by empowering others toward self sustainability.
Reform: Caring for the needs of the next generation through seeking social reform and systematic change for the future.
Service: Creating opportunities to serve our neighbors practically with the love of Christ.

Project 658 is aimed at community transformation in Charlotte, North Carolina and sending teams to serve at international partner sites. We help build communities of hope through the teaching of Jesus Christ and practical programs designed to support communities. We invite you to learn more about Project 658 through the pages of this website and welcome your partnership in our goal of building communities of hope.