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Red Paint Match

Throughout history God has used very simple and common things to do great things for His sake. Bread, rocks, donkeys, jobs, games… The list of the simple things that God uses in our lives to move us closer to him is long. Recently God used red paint in an incredible way. Red paint was part of God’s work in a family’s life to do something significant for His Kingdom. Red paint was part of the process of a family making a decision to give radically for God’s work in our city. They graciously have decided to match any year-end gift given toward the work we are doing (up to $15,000).
Every gift you send through 12/31 designated toward the Red Paint Match will be doubled – up to $15,000!

Therefore, we ask that you would consider a special year end gift to Project 658 as part of the Red Paint Match to support what God is doing through Project 658. God used red paint in one family’s life, what are the simple things God is using in your life to do radical things for His work?

With double the funds we can increase access and improve ministry projects in each area of the holistic care offered: Relief, Development, Reform and Service.

When matched, your gift could:
Provide education for a culinary student
Sponsor the cost of outreach meals
Supply necessary medical equipment
Increase access to counseling services
Expand English class offerings

Please prayerfully consider donating to Project 658 this month and double the impact of your gift. Click on the button below to visit our donate page, select “Red Paint Match” from the drop down menu.

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