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Beginner Sewing Course

Class Description
If you have a desire to learn to sew, this course is for you! Learn a new skill and help us to continue the work we are doing for our refugee neighbors. In this class you will learn the fundamentals and basics of sewing. You will come away with a knowledge of how to properly thread and operate your machine, how to name the parts of the machine and their uses, and the ins and outs of problem solving, cleaning, changing feet and winding a bobbin. You will also learn about fabric and its grain, selvedge and proper cutting techniques.
You will complete three projects during the duration of this class. We will start with simple tea towels, move onto a simple tote bag and finish with a pair or elastic wide leg pants.
This class will meet once a week for six weeks at two hours each. This will be a fast-paced and FUN. You will learn a lot and come away with complete basic knowledge of sewing, your machine, tools and notions, and how to complete a project from conception to completion.

All proceeds from this class will go directly back to our sewing program, Make Welcome, to help teach sewing and provide vocational training and a welcoming environment for the refugee community in our city. At Make Welcome we come alongside our brave students to show the love of Christ through giving welcome, friendship and support as they establish a new home and a new life in North Carolina. We do this through sewing classes, cultural exchanges and friendship building.
Our sewing program is so much more than simply teaching the skill of sewing. Our students are exposed to a safe environment where they are able to be amongst other women that have similar stories as theirs. The psychological affects of the journey to the US are tremendously traumatic. And when these families do finally make it here, their experience, especially for the wives and mothers, is often an extremely lonely and isolating one. Most do not speak English, are unable to drive, know no one and are unable to work.

Our motto at Project 658 is “People over Projects”. Sewing classes are a place of building community, healing and friendship. Yet, if that work stops once class is over, then we haven’t accomplished our goal. True social ties aren’t built on a 10am-12pm schedule once a week. They are started in class, yes. But they are continued as teachers and students talk, share life and learn about each other throughout the week. Through our program we’ve made friends with our students. We share life and stories and connect through hardships and joys; all while making beautiful things and threading together seams.
Your participation in this sewing course will help us to continue the work of bringing light, joy, friendship, and help to these women and their families. By learning to sew, you are giving someone else the opportunity to experience Christ’s love and someone else the opportunity to experience Christ’s love and have a bright spot in their week.We hear it often, but one of our students told us this week,“This is the best part of my week. I do not get the chance to speak English with English speakers unless I’m here at Project 658.” That’s what this program is here for. What a beautiful thing to be the best part of someone’s week. We aim to champion our students to not only live here in the US but thrive in this new place and way of life.

Materials Included
A complimentary notebook with all instructions and lessons will be provided.You will take this with you when you finish the course, so you can have it to refer to when you sew from home without an instructor.

No previous sewing experience is necessary. Just come with a desire to learn! You must own your own sewing machine for this class. There will be homework, so you will need a machine to sew with at home. Please bring your machine to class. Must be 18 years old.
Max 6 students, minimum 3 students. If we do not have 3 students we will cancel the class and the students that have already registered will receive a full refund.

Payment is due at registration.
Full refund will be granted 3 weeks before class begins.
50% refund will be granted 2 weeks before class.
No refund will be granted after 2 weeks before class begins.

Click here to view or download a pdf file with this course information.