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Written by Rebecca Furr, Project 658 Administration and Volunteer Director

rebeccafurrLooking back over the past year God has done some pretty amazing things in my life and the life of my family. I never imagined myself being where I am today, but God had a different plan for my life.

Nearly two years ago, God placed on my heart that I needed to leave my job of 8 years to pursue outreach and ministry. After several months of debate within our family I left my job and began volunteering in an outreach setting. Little did I know that God was preparing me for great things. In May of 2013 I was introduced to Project 658. I began my new job shortly after and thought that this was a great opportunity to grow.

It has been challenging and often frustrating leaving what I knew and did so well and starting something that I had no experience in. This past year I have grown stronger in my faith and relationships within my family, I have gained friends and learned to rely fully on God. Project 658, is a place where my daughter can learn what being a servant of God is. It is a place of community, a place of hope.

Being a part of this ministry has opened my eyes to the needs of those in our area; physical, emotional and spiritual. God has placed my family here for a reason and we want to make the greatest impact possible. On May 30th we moved to the Mount Crest Apartments off of Central Ave to live with the refugee community. Our goal is to be a friend to those in need and be accessible 24 hours a day. Now I am in the process of starting a small group for children ages 7-12. This will be a place where they can come to play, learn about Jesus and have community.

I am excited about what is ahead for me and my family. I hope to make a positive impact in this community. My prayer is that I can make a portion of an impact for them as they have for me. My life will be forever changed.

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