When an immediate basic need is not met, it is difficult for a person to consider anything else. Project 658 has several ministry projects aimed at providing relief and stability for families.
– Crisis assistance food pantry
– The Clothing Project offering free clothing, shoes and blankets
– Monthly medical clinics providing free basic healthcare
– Fulfilling furniture needs through organizational partnerships


Project 658 believes that every human being has value. Our ministry projects are aimed at purposefully empowering others toward their Godly design and self-sustainability.
– Free English as a Second Language (ESL) classes
– Character based sports programs and a soccer court in the community for youth and adults to play
– Quarterly family day events aimed at fostering friendship and community
– Tutoring and mentoring programs


We seek greater social reform that will bring about systemic change for the future of those we serve. We believe in intentionally investing in the next generation to break the cycle of poverty.
– Food service employment training curriculum (click here for class info)
– Bible studies and youth group programs
– Job networking and training opportunities
– Leadership opportunities within ministry projects


Project 658 aims to create a culture of service and opportunities for the body of Christ to serve our neighbors practically with the love of Christ. We believe in serving through time, talent and treasure.
– Weekly volunteer opportunities to serve through our ministry projects
– Beautification and maintenance projects for groups
– Family partnership with families in the community to provide mentoring and friendship
– Seasonal volunteer events throughout the years